Who we are

We are

A grassroots organization of social entrepreneurs working to make a difference in the developing world.

Committed to the cause of hundreds of millions of people in developing world countries who suffer from poor vision due to uncorrected refractive error, and the enormous economic, social, health and safety costs it brings.

Advocates who share in the belief that the world has the resources and technologies to correct this problem now, and that impoverished people to be truly empowered to help themselves must be able to see before they can believe.

Our “vision”

A developing world in which people of all ages who suffer from poor vision due to uncorrected refractive error are empowered to see well.

Our mission

To bring low cost corrective eyewear to as many vision impaired people as possible in developing world countries, enriching, making more productive, healthier and safer their lives as a result.

Our goals

Educate people, organizations, businesses, schools and community groups about the problem of refractive error in the developing world, and solutions in sight to correct it.

Solicit charitable funding to provide low cost corrective eyewear, including self adjusting and reading glasses, to people in the developing world suffering from poor vision due to refractive error.

Train partnering organizations, individuals and groups how to deliver corrective eyewear outreaches in developing world countries, including processes of eyesight assessment and dispensing corrective eyewear to vision impaired people in need.

Seek partnerships, emerging technologies and new eyewear distribution models providing high quality, low cost eyewear to people in developing world countries suffering from refractive error.

Determine ways to make eyesight assessment and distribution of corrective eyewear in the developing world sustainable while serving large numbers of people on a continuing basis.

Ensure complete transparency in all matters concerning our organization and work.

We are also

A founding Executive Director and Board of Directors pleased to be dedicating our time and resources to an organization committed to a cause we truly believe in.


David Campbell, Executive Director

David comes from a communications background specializing in the creation of learning programs, materials and tools, for education, business, training and advocacy purposes.  A writer, married (all children having now left the nest), he brings a wealth of experience as a project manager, educator and facilitator, and as someone having the skills and abilities to bring people together to work toward a common cause.  Experienced in a variety of management and supervisory roles, David is passionate about the work of Global Eyesight Now and the organization’s ability to literally “bring vision” to impoverished vision impaired people in need.


Jerry Muelaner, Director and Board Chair 

A Municipal District School Board Trustee, Jerry has served as a government appointed member of several governance boards dealing with social, learning and education issues.  An avid reader, traveller and baker, he is married, with two daughters, and brings extensive experience in business, politics, volunteerism, community work and environmental stewardship.  A member and chair of a number of governmental and non governmental boards and committees, Jerry is well experienced in matters of board governance, as well as strategic and financial organizational planning.  An active supporter of humanitarian causes, he is pleased to be lending his knowledge and skills to the work of Global Eyesight Now.


Mady Thiel-Kopstein, Director

Married, with two children, Mady is a commercial pilot, outdoors enthusiast and an accomplished fine artist.  Having a background in retail store and hotel management, she has also worked in the non profit sector where she gained widespread experience as an administrator, fundraiser and volunteer coordinator.  Aware of the privileges than come with living in the developed world, Mady has reached a juncture in her life and career where she is happy to be giving back, particularly in relation to helping impoverished people help themselves, by empowering them to see clearly.


Irene Velkova, Director

A regional sales representative with a national vitamin and herbal supplement company, Irene brings an extensive background in sales, staff training and marketing, as well as lifelong interests in health and wellness and issues of environmental sustainability. Married, with four children, she is an active volunteer, yoga and meditation enthusiast, and community organizer, who is committed to the belief that as inhabitants of our global village, we all share responsibilities for looking after one another – on a local, community and global basis.