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Oxford University professor’s self-adjusting glasses voted

“The idea most likely to make the biggest impact on healthcare in the developing world by the year 2020″, by the British Healthcare Innovation Exposition.  See video of Professor Silver accepting an award at


Next generation EYEJUSTERS self adjusting glasses endorsed

By BBC Global Health Show host Dr.Ayan Panja.  See video at


ADSPECS self adjusting glasses nominated for prestigious European Inventor Award

By the European Patent Office, an organization offering inventors patent protection in 40 European countries.  For more information, go to


Stunning new cellphone device used in remote locations to precisely determine degrees of refractive error

Developed by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab.  See a CNN report at


Centre for Vision in the Developing World and Dow Corning Inc.

Announce a partnership to create self adjusting glasses for vision impaired children in the developing world.  See “Child Vision” video at


ADSPECS self adjusting glasses profiled by Arena Solutions

For profile go to

Fuseproject partners with Augen Optics and the Government of Mexico

To create a colourful unique “kid friendly” plastic frame for inserted prescription lenses correcting refractive error for children.  Read about this at


Centre for Vision in the Developing World conducts international study evaluating corrective vision practices for children

While self adjustable eyeglasses are dispensed to vision impaired adults in developing world countries, CVDW is investigating possibilities for the glasses to be reliably dispensed to children.  For more on this important research, go to