Launch a vision correction outreach

For organizations, individuals and groups wishing to become involved helping vision impaired people in the developing world


ADSPECS and EYEJUSTERS self adjusting glasses are in many ways the most practical to distribute.  This is because self adjusting glasses:  

  • Cost less than $20 a pair.
  • Do not require ordering in large volumes (unlike ready made glasses).
  • May be adjusted to meet exact vision requirements in each eye, correcting both near and distance vision problems (unlike recycled glasses).
  • Require no specialized equipment to dispense (unlike most other glasses).
  • May be distributed by non professionals (volunteers, faith and service groups, aid organizations) with a minimum of training.
  • May be distributed by any number of people, aid organizations and groups working in the developing world, in addition to the services they are already providing.

Global Eyesight Now trains developed world aid organizations, individuals and groups

Empowering volunteers to travel to developing world countries and hold their own vision correction outreaches.  Global Eyesight Now can also provide self adjusting and reading glasses for your outreach, or help you in the process of getting them.

Global Eyesight Now trains developing world aid organizations


To hold vision correction outreaches in the regions and communities they serve.  Outreach training, which may be completed in a few days, includes all the information necessary to assess eyesight deficiencies and dispense glasses during small to large scale vision correction outreaches.  Basic materials, tools and quantities of self adjusting and reading glasses are provided.

What vision correction outreach training teaches 


How to source potential partnering organizations.  How to strategize, organize, prepare for and advertise a vision correction outreach, including where to hold it and how to manage sometimes large volumes of people.

How to assess retractive error (near and distance vision problems) using universal eye charts.  How to dispense self adjusting and reading glasses.  How to check for eye conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts that eyeglasses cannot correct.  How to record eyesight related data for use by medical practitioners.  And more.  Contact us