Frequently asked questions

How can I make a donation to Global Eyesight Now? 


Visit our Donate page.  Travel philanthropists and corporate donors are invited to contact Global Eyesight Now directly. 

How are donated funds used?

100% of donated funds go to the work of purchasing and distributing corrective eyewear in the developing world, as well as training and equipping organizations, individuals and groups to conduct vision correction outreaches of their own.  Private donors fund organizational administrative costs so you donʼt have to.  

Can I launch my own vision correction outreach?

Yes.  Global Eyesight Now trains both developing and developed world aid organizations, individuals and groups to hold vision correction outreaches.  Training may be completed in a few days and includes basic information necessary to assess eyesight and dispense glasses during small to large scale outreaches.  Quantities of self adjustable and reading glasses may also be provided. 

How do I receive outreach training?

Contact us.  Global Eyesight Now also provides information about how to partner with and train aid organizations and groups already at work in the developing world.

Can I volunteer?

Volunteers are encouraged to help with fundraising and when opportunities permit, participate in vision correction outreaches in the developing world.  

What conditions of the eye do self adjustable glasses correct?

Refractive error, either myopia or hyperopia.  As with conventional glasses, self adjusting glasses do not correct other ophthalmic conditions such as cataracts or macular degeneration.  Neither do they correct severe astigmatism.

What happens when people assessed for glasses have eye conditions that glasses cannot correct?

Usually they are referred for higher levels of medical eye care.  When possible, Global Eyesight Now partners with charitable ophthalmologist groups working in the developing world, so that people suffering from cataracts and other eye conditions get the help they need.

Can anyone wear self adjusting glasses?

ADSPECS self adjusting glasses are designed for people aged 18 and older.  EYEJUSTERS may be worn by youths aged 13 and older. 

Can I purchase self adjusting glasses for my own use?

Not at this time.  ADSPECS self adjusting glasses were invented solely for use by impoverished vision impaired people in the developing world.  They are currently unavailable for purchase on a commercial basis.

Why are self adjustable glasses recommended for distribution over other glasses?

Among other reasons, self adjusting glasses may be ordered in both small and large quantities, they require no specialized equipment to dispense, and they may be distributed by non professionals (non profit staff, volunteers) with a minimum of training.  

What other glasses are being distributed in the developing world?

Recycled, reading, ready made and inserted lens glasses, each of which bring advantages and disadvantages according to a range of variables, including scale of distribution.  For example, ready made and inserted lens glasses require ordering in volume, as well as specialized optometric equipment to assess eyesight to dispense. 

Does Global Eyesight Now distribute other glasses in addition to self adjusting glasses?

Yes.  Global Eyesight Now is committed to providing solutions in sight that best meet the needs of the most impoverished people who need to see well.

Does Global Eyesight Now partner with other organizations?

Yes.  We partner with a variety of aid organizations, notably developing world aid organizations, and train their staff to conduct eyesight assessments and distribute self adjusting glasses on an ongoing basis.

Does this make the work sustainable?

Yes.  Once trained, partnering organizations in the developing world become empowered to continue the work of vision correction independently.