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For lack of inexpensive eyeglasses, hundreds of millions of impoverished people in the developing world cannot see well.  Health, safety, economic, social and education impacts are enormous.  The world has the resources and technologies to correct this problem now.  With your help.

100% of donated funds

Go to the work of purchasing and distributing corrective eyewear in the developing world, as well as training and equipping organizations, individuals and groups to conduct vision correction outreaches of their own.  Private donors fund organizational administrative costs so you donʼt have to.


                           Become a Global Eyesight Now “visionary”

$20     1 pair of Adspecs for someone in the developing world who suffers from impaired vision.

$60     3 large, all weather universal eye charts needed to assess eyesight in the field (later given to developing world aid organizations for use on a continuing basis).

$100   Basic tools and materials needed by 4 two-person teams to conduct eyesight assessments and dispense self adjusting glasses in the field (later given to developing world aid organizations for use on a continuing basis).

$200   200 pair of reading glasses in 5 strengths for distribution to people with near vision problems.

$750   50 pair of Eyejusters (at $15 each).

$1,000   52 pair of Adspecs (at $19 each).

$2,000   105 pair of Adspecs.


Global Eyesight Now

Is a federally incorporated, registered Canadian charity.  Our Canada Revenue Agency charity registration number is 813539202RR0001. 

Upon request, Global Eyesight Now provides tax deductible receipts to all Canadian donors.  In future, we hope to be able to do this for American donors as well.

Make secure online donations

Using Canada Helps or PayPal (click on the buttons below), or mail your cheques to Global Eyesight Now, PO Box 553, Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada T0L 0H0.